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2012 Hyundai Veloster


Want something that opposes the norm of style with loads of features at an affordable price?  Well the 2012 Hyundai Veloster will check quite a few boxes off your list.  Back in the days.  Hyundai was known for copying Japanese auto brand makers and selling their own revisions at a lower cost.  Hyundai has, in no doubt, realized their own potential and has stepped out of the hole into a new generation of unique and inspired design.

The unique style of the 2012 Veloster really shows the world of Hyundai’s intellectual potential.  The compact coupe is equipped with front side doors and a 3rd passenger side door and a small but gutsy 1.6 Litre engine as well as a dual clutch gearbox transmission allowing the vehicle to score a 32 mpg combined city and highway fuel economy rating.

The performance of the Hyundai Veloster isn’t too shabby either.  The engine is rated at 138 horse power and 123 lbs of torque.  The car doesn’t feel very quick when launching the vehicle from the start, but once the vehicle starts moving, the lightness of the vehicle and the latest and greatest electronic drive train control system will start to play mind tricks with you into making the car feel quick and responsive.

When you first take the Veloster for a drive, it can be easily realized that Hyundai designed the car to be fun to drive.  The stiff suspension along with the optional 18″ allow aluminum rims and crisp power steering allows the car to be sport driven.

The interior is comfortable and is fitted with enough gadgets to please most drivers.  The rear seats can be conveniently folded down to offer extra storage space.  The roof is also slightly bubbled to offer extra head room for taller passengers.  The optional 2000$ “tech” package is also something that deserves compliment.  The Veloster is equipped with a push button blue-link navigation system located on the rear view mirror as well as Hyundai’s own infotainment system.  The infotainment system is what really makes the vehicle step up to the next level.  It is packed with features such as radio, navigation, smart phone connectivity and intelligent fuel efficiency features, but above all, it is extremely simple to use.

The Veloster starting price with the eco-shift transmission is at $19,310.  Anyone who’s done their homework in the auto market will realize the amount of features you get for this price is a great bargain.