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Take a drive down the Route 66 of the future

Designer Daan Roosegaard, left, and an unidentified director at Heijmans Infrastructure discuss Dutch roadways.

(Credit: Daan Roosegaard/Heijmans Infrastructure)

Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde thinks we drive on dumb roads. So he teamed with mega European construction company Heijmans Infrastructure to create a vision of a “smart highway” for the Netherlands — and possibly the rest of the world.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of these future roads is the fact that two concepts of the bunch — glow-in-the-dark roads and dynamic paint — should arrive by mid-2013. The group plans to introduce the rest of the concepts before 2015, giving the world a glimpse at how technology could revolutionize the way we drive by making it a safer and more sustainable experience.

Click through our gallery below to see the kind of roads you may be driving down one day.

Vision of a smart highway (pictures)

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