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GM extends EV drivability with apps

Onstar's Waypoint feature lets EV drivers plot routes from charging station to charging station.

(Credit: GM)

With current technology, GM can’t give its upcoming Spark EV more range, but its Onstar division is giving drivers the tools to deal with limited driving range. A new feature for Onstar’s RemoteLink Mobile app will let drivers plan trips based on what charging station availability along a route.

Volt owners use the RemoteLink Mobile app to program charging times remotely. Onstar will add the new Waypoint tab in anticipation of next year’s launch of the Spark EV. When a driver enters a destination, the Waypoint feature will plot a route incorporating necessary charging station stops.

Given that the Spark EV is expected to have a range of under 100 miles, consistent with the majority of new electric cars on the market, the Waypoint feature will have to add significant time to longer trips for charging. However, it is a means of showing drivers what destination are reasonable.

Tap to pay Onstar also announced a separate app to make paying for charging easier. Named Park-Tap-Charge, this app takes advantage of Near Field Communications available on some phones to expedite payment for charging.

Per the apps name, a driver would park an electric vehicle at a… [Read more]

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