2013 Infiniti EX37

Following the trend of success held by Lexus and their line of SUV’s, Nissan has now caught on with their own breed.  The Infiniti EX37 has been a widespread gossip since its initial launch back in 2008.  The 2013 EX37 is powered by a 3.7 liter six cylinder VQ engine wrapped around an elegant package of style and luxury.

The EX37 shares its genetic platform with Infiniti’s luxury sports vehicle lineup, the G37 coupe; resulting in equivalence of high precision handling, luxury, features and performance.  The EX37 is available with a 7 speed automatic gearbox  transmission.  The front double wishbone suspension and multi-link rear suspension setup create an overall a near perfect balance between handling capability and ride comfort.

Like many of Infiniti’s lineup, the EX37 comes standard with a plethora of great features, while still leaving room for more purchase upgrade options including enriched multimedia package and various high-tech automotive safety features.

The EX37 comes close to having its cross-over SUV class license suspended.  Although marketed as one, the EX37 follows its trend and styling of Infiniti’s Coupe models resulting in lowered center of gravity, lengthened wheelbase, and contoured roof.  As much as the EX37 benefits from more room in the back due to its lengthened wheelbase, the tapered roof makes the interior cabin space feel cramped.  Nevertheless, the exterior styling is very luxurious and is one of the most aero-dynamic cross-over SUV’s on the market.

The Ex37 is propelled by an all new 3.7 liter six cylinder VQ engine, producing an impressive 325 horsepower and 350Nm of torque.  Infiniti’s VQ engines have always earned its reputation for how robust and well made they are.  The all new 3.7 liter VQ engine shows nothing short of expectation.  The 3.7 liter engine uses light-weight cast aluminum utilizing a bed-plate construction platform whose technique is used in automotive racing applications.  Never to say the least, this engine design is inspired by automotive racing with robust and reliability in mind.

The interior of theEX37 offers a space of tranquility and comfort.  The linings are bolstered with high quality soft quilted leather and the dash and board panels are accentuated with beautiful wooden trims, high quality plastic and chrome plating.  One of the unique features of the Infiniti EX37 is its electrical powered rear fold down seats, making loading and unloading bulky cargo a breeze.

The EX37 comes standard with a bag of goodies including the I-key smart access system.  Once the vehicle detects the I-key within its proximity range, the doors can be unlocked and the ignition can be started without ever having to pull out the keys from your pocket.  Other standard features include privacy glass, a six-disc, seven speaker CD audio system, Bluetooth mobile phone connectivity, cruise control, power seats, auto-dimming rear view mirror, front and rear parking sensors, automatic lights and wipers, 18-inch alloy wheels, six airbags (featuring thorax and pelvis protection) and integrated fog lamps. The leather trimmed steering wheel incorporates controls for the audio system, cruise control and telephone.

The Bose audio entertainment system is one of the sweetest features worth mentioning.  The system is specifically designed and installed to complement the interior cabin space of the EX37 in order to produce the overall sound experience to mimic a live concert.

Another feature unique to Infiniti’s lineup is its panoramic camera system.  The system consists of small cameras integrated into the front, sides and rear vehicle chassis panels, allowing a bird’s eye-view to be displayed of the on the 7″ infotainment screen.  This feature makes parking hassle free as you can see exactly how close your wheels are to the curb as well as real-time surrounding obstacles.

The Infiniti EX37 brings a refreshing taste in the automotive market.  In result of inheriting the genetics of a coupe with SUV features, the EX37 offers high performance capability and cargo versatility.  With added luxury styling, high quality interior and drive comfort, the EX37 really brings out the best of automotive excitement.