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Ford, Mercedes-Benz, and Nissan target 2017 for fuel cell vehicles

The Mercedes-Benz F-Cell is a fuel cell vehicle based on the B-class platform.

(Credit: Mercedes-Benz)

It must be a new season of sharing as major automakers sign agreements to co-develop fuel cell technology. Last week Toyota and BMW said they would work together on a fuel cell system, while today Ford, Daimler, and Renault-Nissan announced they would pool research into fuel cell technology. In its joint press release, Ford, Daimler, and Renault-Nissan said they would produce fuel cell vehicles in 2017.

All of these companies have been working on the technology, and some have demonstrated prototype vehicles. Mercedes-Benz, part of Daimler, \has been testing multiple generations of its F-Cell fuel cell vehicle, and currently runs a leasing program for the vehicles in Los Angeles, helping it gather real-world usage data.

The Toyota-BMW agreement covers the joint development of a fuel cell stack, hydrogen tank, and electric motor for a car. The companies will also work on new lithium-air battery technology, with the goal of greatly increasing the energy density of electric vehicle batteries.

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