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Sticky C-Fit mount holds your phone in style

Editors’ note: Portions of this review were taken from our evaluation of the Bracketron Mi-T Grip, since that device and the TackForm C-Fit are almost identical.

The TackForm C-Fit is a deceptively simple, universal suction-cup mount for smartphones that holds onto almost any smooth surface with its sticky suction cup.

The C-Fit has only one point of articulation at the ball joint, where the gripping claw meets the mounting arm. So, care must be taken to properly orient the base when placing the C-Fit. This can make getting the C-Fit into the perfect position a bit tricky but not impossible in most cases. On the other hand, with only one articulation point and a relatively short arm, the C-Fit is quite stable, exhibiting none of the shakiness and vibration that longer, more flexible mounts do. However, the C-Fit perhaps performs best when it’s not stuck to your windshield.

The C-Fit's gripping claw is able to hold a wide range of smartphones for easy viewing and access.

(Credit: Antuan Goodwin/CNET)

The suction cup at the base of the TackForm C-Fit is made of tacky, semi-adhesive material that sticks to most solid surfaces under its own power. This stickiness, combined with the suction generated by locking the C-Fit’s suction cup in place with a leve… [Read more]

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