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Five stylish cars for the everyday driver

Cars such as Ferraris and Maseratis look beautiful, but unless you live in Monaco you rarely see them on the road. However, there are everyday cars, much more affordable than the exotics, that still offer striking design. These are the cars you are more likely to see — and notice — in your local grocery market parking lot. They also illustrate the fact that nice design does not have to be expensive.

2013 Audi A5/S5 In the style department, coupes already have an edge over other cars. So many of the world’s best-looking cars have fit that grand tourer mold. Audi’s A5/S5 shows a different take on two-door styling, taking advantage of its lack of rear doors to implement one of the best rooflines going today in a production car.

2013 Ford Fusion Decades of midsize sedans have been designed for lowest common denominator, broad appeal, but Ford breaks through that theme with the elegantly styled Fusion. The body includes contours that set it apart from the boring masses, yet it does not go as swoopy as… [Read more]

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