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This USB car charger juices phones, tablets without blocking the outlet

The PowerUp 3P features two USB ports and a 12-volt pass-through.

(Credit: Antuan Goodwin/CNET)

Accessory Power’s ReVive Series PowerUp 3P is a 12-volt car charger for your USB devices. These things are usually pretty simple affairs: power goes into one end, gets converted to a usable level, and comes out of the USB port at other end. The PowerUp 3P is no exception to this formula, but does feature a few clever design elements that make it worth a small spot in your car’s center console.

At one end of the ReVive Series PowerUp 3P, you’ll find a standard automotive 12-volt power plug that connects to your car’s power point, aka the cigarette lighter. This plug sits at the end of a short (approximately 2-inch) arm that has a bit of articulation at a hinge where it meets the body. The arm can be swung through 180 degrees of rotation, allowing the 3P to stretch out, bend around some corners, and fold up into a more compact package for storage when not in use.

Remove the tip of the power connector and you’ll find a replaceable fuse, which protects you car and your accessories from overload.

The 3P's connector folds in, shrinking the charger's footprint when not in use.

(Credit: Antuan Goodwin/CNET)

It’s safe to assume that the “3P” at the end of the PowerUp 3P’s moniker refers to the three por… [Read more]


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