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Simple Bluetooth audio adapter plagued by nonstandard quirks

The GoGroove BlueGate performs one very simple function that can be split into two parts. It receives a digital Bluetooth audio signal from a smartphone (or other Bluetooth capable device) and outputs an analog audio signal that can be listened to through headphones, a car stereo, or home audio system. It basically takes a wireless signal and makes a wired one.

The wireless portion of the BlueGate’s functionality was performed almost flawlessly. It’s the wired half of the equation that frustrated me.

The trouble with wires The BlueGate device itself is remarkably compact and unobtrusive. The tiny matte black box measures 1.8 inches by 1.3 inches by 0.3 inch, or about the size of a book of matches, and has the GoGroove BlueGate logo printed in gloss black on one of its flat sides. Along one edge is a small black power button and a round power input. Along another edge is a small LED indicator and a 4-inch pigtail that ends with a male 3.5mm analog auxiliary plug.

It’s from the audio and power that my biggest complaints about the GoGroove BlueGate stem.

For starters, although the device charges via USB the cable has a proprietary rounded tip rather than the more conventional micro or mini USB connections. So, if you lose the included cable, you lose the ability to charge the device.

Also, the audio output terminates in a male 3.5mm connection, which is fine if you’re plugging into a car or home stereo, which often present their inputs… [Read more]


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