Daily Archives: June 4, 2013

Honda builds 130 mph fire-spitting lawn mower

The Honda mower just as modification work began.

(Credit: Top Gear)

British TV series “Top Gear” is known for building some pretty outlandish automotive creations. The latest in that lineage is a Honda FH2620 mower. That doesn’t sound very exciting until you learn just how heavily modified it is, from the tires to the engine.

“Top Gear” called in Honda racing group Team Dynamics to help turn the lawn mower into a lawn monster. The steering rack is from a Morris Minor. It got a fresh set of racing wheels and tires. They managed to stuff a VTR 1000cc motorcycle engine into the thing. The theoretical top speed is 130 mph.

The modifications don’t end there. The back axle comes from a go-kart. There is one important requirement that can’t be overlooked here. This beast of a lawn mower still needs to be able to cut grass. The Honda team dumped the regular metal blades and installed two electric motors with two bits of brake cable attached. Those suckers spin at 4,000 rpm. That might be enough to slice through an entire tree.

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