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Flexsmart FM transmitter takes two steps forward, one back

FM transmission is pretty old tech. Feed the transmitter an audio source and set it to broadcast on an open FM frequency. Then tune into that frequency on a nearby radio and enjoy your wireless music.

It’s simple, old radio tech, but the FCC imposes limits on how strong these transmitters can broadcast their wireless signals. That doesn’t leave much room for improvement. Perhaps that’s why, despite a fresh coat of paint and tweaks in tuning sensitivity, the new GoGroove FlexSmart X3 doesn’t feel head-and-shoulders better than the FlexSmart X2 that I reviewed over two years ago.

But just a few months ago, I was praising another GoGroove FM transmitter for exceeding my expectations for the category, so perhaps the X3 will wow me yet.

Design The new Flexsmart X3 model has a new, white design that looks sleeker and more compact than the previous X2 model. Break out your tape measure, though, and you’ll see that the overall dimensions haven’t really changed much. The glossy white-and-gray plastic reminds me of a classic iDevice and should stick out quite a bit in pretty much any vehicle interior. A darker option would be nice.

It doesn’t just look slicker; the X3 also streamlines its interface by integrating the call answer and end buttons into the black plastic that shields the red LCD tuning display. Gone also is the control knob that … [Read more]


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