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We get lost in BringGo nav’s complicated interface

I’d have likely never found myself using the oddly named BringGo navigation were it not for the app’s strong ties with Chevrolet as the provider of navigation software for its Sonic and Spark compacts via app integration. When installed on an Android or iPhone that is paired with these one of these vehicles, the BringGo is able to mirror its interface onto the dashboard display with touch screen controls.

Even if you don’t have a Chevy vehicle, the app can still be used on your phone like any other navigation app. So, in preparation for our full review of the Sonic, I installed the Android version of the app and hit the road to test BringGo’s navigation first.

Locally stored mobile map data Aside from the dashboard integration hook, which only works with those two Chevrolet vehicles at time of publication, BringGo’s biggest drawing point is its ability to download map data for offline storage and navigation. This map data is provided by Nokia subsidiary Navteq maps, which also provides map data for the likes of Garmin, and can take up to 3.5GB of your smartphone’s storage space. That is, of course, only if you opt for the full download of maps and data for all of the United States and Canada.

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