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Mazda3 gets a brand new look, and tech

Mazda brought its new Mazda3 hatchback and sedan to the Frankfurt auto show, a car improved in every dimension.

(Credit: Wayne Cunningham/CNET)

FRANKFURT–Back in June, Mazda unveiled its updated Mazda3 hatchback, a car that represented multiple new initiatives for the automaker to increase efficiency, enhance technology, and introduce cohesive styling across the brand. At the Frankfurt auto show, Mazda showed off the hatchback and the new sedan version of the Mazda3.

Both versions of the Mazda3 exhibit the kind of head-turning styling introduced on the new Mazda6. The dimensions of the Mazda3 have been reduced, which also lessens vehicle weight, while the body panels have been smoothed. Unlike the Nagare styling language developed then dropped by Mazda, which emphasized the sort of ripples seen in nature, the Mazda3 seems to draw its influence from the gentle curvature of a plum or an apple.

A graceful beltline contour dips at the front doors then curves up towards the front fenders. Mazda keeps the headlight and taillight casings small, well-integrated with the fenders. The hatchback resembles a larger Mazda2.

Both versions sport a long nose, which contains a 2-liter four cyl… [Read more]


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