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Jaguar’s powerful roadster is a pricey exotic pet

“How much power does it have?” was usually the third or fourth question asked by those who stopped me to discuss the F-Type. Most never even got around to the questions, obviously stunned by the beauty of this big cat.

The 2014 Jaguar F-Type is a gorgeous vehicle in any color the automaker paints it, but our Salsa Red example was particularly eye-catching. The roadster sits low, its muscular front fenders and rear haunches not at all unlike the musculature of an actual jaguar growling and ready to pounce without warning. The front end is characterized by a large central grille opening and rearward-swept headlights that remind me of the front end of the larger Jaguar XKR-S that we were able to test not too long ago, only reproportioned for the smaller fascia. Some criticized the front end for being more “catfish” than “cat-eyed” during my testing, but I absolutely love the look.

Though based heavily on the C-X16 coupe concept, the F-Type seems like it was designed to be a roadster, and not converted after the fact. This really shows in the purposeful design of the folding roof. Like a proper British roadster, the cabin is covered with a simple fabric top when the car isn’t being driven. The ragtop is motorized and can lower or raise itself in seconds at speeds up to 30 mph.

Some may be surprised to see the automaker not going with a hardtop at this pri… [Read more]


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