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2013 Dodge Journey Test Drive

2013 Dodge Journey RT AWD

2013 Dodge Journey Overview

The Dodge Journey hasn’t exactly been a proven contender in the cross-over sector when it first debuted nearly four years ago.  It was only after two years of development and testing before engineers and designers were able to revise the Dodge Journey scorecard with its all new design.  Lessons learned and actions taken, the 2013 Dodge Journey has become an iconic symbol of positive transformation.  Certainly, the 2013 Dodge Journey still inherits some of the lackluster traits from its former siblings, but the overall aspect of the vehicle is actually quite nice.

This SUV wants to drive itself, but needs your help

As much as we’d like for every car that we review to be as exciting as the Jaguar F-Type that recently graced the Car Tech garage, the reality is that most of the time I’m driving regular sedans and dull SUVs. So, while there was a lot to look forward to with the 2014 Acura MDX’s arrival — it’s handsome new design, jewel-like full LED headlamps, and the promise of updated tech, for example — the reality was that I was fully prepared to be just a bit bored this week.

And then I hit the road, curiously tapped the button for the Lane Keeping Assist system, and was met with one of the weirdest drives of my life.

Advanced, awkward, awesomeThe MDX’s midtier Technology package adds a number of passive driver aid technologies, such as a blind-spot-monitoring system, a forward collision warning system, and a lane departure warning system. Each of these systems will chide you with visual and audible alerts, letting you know that there’s potential danger — such as merging into a lane that’s currently occupied or drifting out of your current lane because of inattentiveness — but they don’t actively intervene in any way.

However, the MDX’s top-tier option package and trim level, the MDX Advance, adds active intervention abilities to the passive driver aid features of the Technology package. Forward collision alert becomes a Collision Mitigation Braking System tha… [Read more]


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