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BMW’s new entry-level 3 Sedan is also the most practical

Sometimes, I catch myself looking at the BMW lineup — so full of vehicles like the 5 Series GT and the X6 M — rolling my eyes and scoffing at the claim of building the “Ultimate Driving Machines.” It’s also easy for some of our more vocal readers to look at all of the new-fangled iPod integration, dashboard apps, smartphone this and that and assume that BMW has gotten away from the point. These are easy assumptions to make until you find yourself behind the wheel of the 2013 320i sedan, the automaker’s new entry point for the 3 Series sedan.

True, the lower output of the 320i’s engine means that it’s not as fast as the 328i — to say nothing of the 335is or M3. Its simplified dashboard tech offerings won’t dazzle like a 7 Series‘ will. However, after a weekend behind the wheel, I think that by stripping the 3er down to its most basic, the BMW 320i is the pudding where you’ll find proof that BMW isn’t missing the point… [Read more]


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