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Jeep Cherokee tackles the trail like no competitor but stumbles on the road (CNET On Cars, Episode 39)

Jeep Cherokee tackles the trail like no competitor but stumbles on the road; we explain CarPlay and look ahead to its challengers; and Top 5 American-made cars.

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Toyota Avalon improves its looks and luxe (pictures)

The largest Toyota sedan offers amenities and tech rivaling its Lexus-badged cousins, but with a smaller price tag.

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Wireless phone charging: coming to a dashboard near you

The first Qi and Powermat wireless phone chargers are arriving in automobiles as options. How does charging work and why should you care?

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2015 MINI Cooper S: Is It Better Than The Ford Fiesta ST?

The Mk3 MINI is here and we take the Cooper S and Cooper D out for a spin to see if they can hold their own amongst the hot hatch line up


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Automatic driving monitor now available for Android

When paired with the Automatic hardware, this app helps drivers save money at the pump and drive more efficiently.


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2014 Infiniti Q50 AWD | First Drive | Review

2014 Infiniti Q50

2014 Infiniti Q50 AWD Overview

Once known as the G27 sedan that held the Infiniti name with pride has now been replaced with the Q series.  For those that endeared the unique combination of performance and luxury need not be worried as the Infiniti Q50 carries over much of the same mechanical blueprints.  What’s different between the all new Inifiniti Q50 and its predecessor is revamped styling and a plethora of added technology that almost made us believe the car drove itself.

Bluetooth 3.0 Audio Receiver Adapter for $14 + free shipping

Bluetooth 3.0 Audio Adapter for $ 14


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Alpine In-Dash CD Receiver for $100 + free shipping

Alpine In-Dash CD Receiver for $ 100


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