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2014 Mazda Miata MX5 – A Final Farewell To a Classical Roadster

Gray Exterior

2014 Mazda MX5 Overview

Debuted in 2005, the engine department in the Mazda MX5 remains relatively unchanged. Underneath the hood of the roadster lies the shimmering 2.0 liter MZR four-cylinder engine producing 167 horsepower and 140 foot-pounds of torque. These numbers are not exactly astonishing at sound, neither does the Mazda MX5 accelerate in time-warping speed, but that’s not why you buy this car. The Mazda MX5 is all about maintaining speed around corners, and delivering that ultra pure driving experience – a rare and highly respected feature in the automotive performance realm.

2014 Dodge Dart, Test Drive, Specs, Rating, Price

2014 Dodge Dart-3

2014 Dodge Dart Overview

It’s quite an astonishing feat to transform a car concept from paper to production within just 18 months, but the Dodge Dart did exactly that.  And they certainly didn’t take short cuts either.  Supervised by their partnered Fiat crew, the Italian trained eyes ensured the styling of the Dodge Dart would emerge as an entity of design intellect.  The end result is a  compact sedan inheriting exotic looks with a tease of inner aggression.