2015 Chrysler Town and Country, Test Drive, Spec, Rating, Price

blue sideview

Chrysler Town and Country – Bringing Tradition to the Modern Era

When it comes to 7-passenger vehicles, the majority has moved on to the more freshly-squeezed crossover platform. Despite the modern trend, flashier curves, and sportier handling; sometimes, you just can’t beat the versatility of a traditional mini-van.  And this is the very reason the Chrylser Town and Country still exists today.

2015 Chrysler Town and Country

With its bloodlines dating as far back as 1983, the Chrysler Town and Country shape and form remains relatively consistent with an overall box-like shape, capable acceleration, and the benefits of ultra-versatility.  The Chrysler Town and Country attempts to go beyond the De-Facto standard with added luxury features including leather seats, bold styling and a portable theatre systems for the rear passengers.

The price of the Chrysler Town and Country is not cheap though.  Our tested model comes priced in at $55,710.  With that much dough on the line, there’s much to be expected in what the mini-van has to offer.

Interior front row seats, leather

Exterior styling brings out the true spirit of the Chrysler brand.  Up front employs a chrome grille topped with a stream-line Chrysler badge.  Side features include an all-chrome side-mirror back panel, a strait-line molding with an offset second parallel chrome molding for visual enhancement.  Chrome accents continues around back along with body-colored spoiler, lift gate and a step pad for convenience.

Its stream-line characterization flows into the cabin space as well.  The dash panel is beautifully laid out with a simple and elegant speed/tach combo bordered with a chrome ring.  Interior panels can be of better quality, but still a step up to Chrysler’s standard offering in its other models.  Media and climate control is administrated by a 6.5″ inch touchscreen, and an upright panel with a mixture of buttons and knobs for climate controls.

Cluster, minivan, chrome

A Portable Living Room

Back-seat entertainment in the Chrysler Town and Country is enjoyed by two fold-down 9″ screens capable of playing blu-ray and DVD players independently with audio and video remote controls.  Audio functionality includes hands-free blue-toothe streaming, included wireless headphones.  Dual media jacks and an available 115VAC outlet enables video game consoles and other video sources to connect and display on the fold down 9″ screens.

dual screen entertainment

The Chrysler Town and Country also includes the standard UConnect 430 Infotainment system that includes a free one-year subscription to XM Radio, 40Gb of data storage space, ParkView and a back-up camera.  An upgraded UConnect 430N can be purchased to include Garmin Navigation.

interior leather

It’s a lot of amenities.  But the best part is the shear level of legroom available, even for full-size adults.  All the available tech-gadgetry in the back makes the Chrysler Town and Country the ideal road-trip vehicle.

rear seats, legroom


Standard across all models in the Chrysler Town and Country is the 3.6L PentaStar engine producing 283 horsepower, and 260 lb.ft of torque. Gear manipulation is handled by a standard 6-speed automatic transmission.

3.6L Pentastarr V6

It’s ubiquitous, and also a good choice. The front-wheel-drive power-train configuration shows no hesitation in acceleration, but at times, excessive. With the majority of the weight distributed in the back, it’s often easy to spin the front wheels even in damp weather conditions.

Drive behavior is offered in two modes with an on-off Econ-mode push button located in the center panel. The Econ-model in the Chrysler Town and Country relaxes throttle sensitivity when not needed to boost fuel efficiency.  EPA ratings for the Chrysler town and Country is scored in at 23/35 MPG city and highway.

Climate control, econ

A few convenient features incorporated in the Chrysler Town and Country include automated 3rd row electric folding seats while second row spring-loaded seats automatically fold down with a simple pull of a lever.

Keeping the Mini-Van alive

There are a few shortcomings when it comes to a design spawned nearly 4 decades ago. Acceleration in the Chrysler Town and Country is strong and capable with its 3.6L PentaStar engine. But due to the non-ideal weight distribution, front wheels easily lose grip even in sub-ideal weather conditions. The long-wheel-base adds also reduces flexibility in its handling capability.


All the above can be addressed with a 7-passenger cross-over SUV. But that doesn’t mean the Mini-van is dead. Its spirit still very much kept alive today, and Chrysler is not the only one still making mini-vans.  The Honda Odyssy, Toyota Sienna and even Kia has reverted its cross-over mindset with its Sedona mini-van.


The Mini-van is an under-worked design in terms of what modern design is truly capable of.  But visual eye-candy is often compromised with versatility.  While the mini-van is never going to be the most visually appealing car, its level of practicality, and space reigns supreme in what’s available on open market.



  • Vehicle : 2015 Chrysler Town and Country
  • Model : Limited
  • Price as Tested : $55,710
  • Vehicle Type : Mini-Van
  • Seating Capacity : 2+2+3
  • Powertrain Configuration : FWD
  • Engine : 3.6L PentaStar
  • Transmission : 6-speed Automatic
  • Horsepower : 283 Hp
  • Torque: 260 lb.ft
  • Fuel Economy: 23/35 city/highway
  • Wheelbase : N/A
  • Height : N/A
  • Width : N/A
  • Weight: N/A
  • Additional Features : Trailer Tow Group, Dual DVD/Blu-Ray Entertainment, Power Sun Roof, Power folding 3rd row seats, UConnect 430N


  • Sharp styling for a mini-van
  • Excellent use of interior room
  • Plethora of infotainment amenities
  • Quality and controlled ride


  • Box-like shape reduces aero-dynamics
  • Lack of AWD powertrian option
  • Mini-van like handling with long wheel-base