2015 Dodge Challenger – The Muscle Car Legacy Lives On


An All American Classic

Not many get to experience an all-american muscle classic. After all, its demand falls in a niche group of motor enthusiast. And that’s exactly why I say I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to test drive the monstrous 2015 Dodge Challenger Scat Pack V8. Just one level lower than the top trim SRT Hell-cat V8, but this bad boy still pulls out a colossal 475 horsepower at the rear wheels. With that being said, this burnout machine shows no reserves off the line.

Evil Expression

From sights to sound, the Dodge Challenger is a scary machine. From its massive front engine air intake, beefed up 20″ wheels and the deep thunderous engine roar, this red devil will elevate one’s pucker factor in or out of the car.

Under its thick skin is an ultra high-power mega factory built up from the heart of the 6.4L SRT V8 engine producing 475 horsepower and 475 lb-ft of torque. Mated to the engine shaft is a TREMEC six-speed manual transmission. The Dodge Challenger also comes equipped with a full ensuite of performance monitoring and power management applications accessible via its oversized 8.4″ infotainment display including throttle response, launch control settings, and various performance metrics including 0-60 time and historical performance data logging.


For all-out performance, the true devil (hell-cat) comes equipped with the supercharged 6.2L HEMI SRT Hellcat V8 producing an insane output of 707 horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque.

It’s definitely got the juice and testosterone as any big horsepower car out there, and on that regard, the curb weight tips the scale at 4160 lbs. Numbers don’t lie, and the Dodge Challenger shows. The monstrous torque does temporarily erase this idea on hard acceleration, but nevertheless, the phenomenon will always persist.

Hell Themed Hotel

Not do bash on our neighbors, but a quality grade interior and Domestic car are almost an oxymoron. In the case of the Dodge Challenger though, it’s decent and lives up to its class. Trims come in three levels, R/T Shaker, R/T Scat Pack, and the highest SRT model.

Yes, you can save a few bucks and only get clothe interior seats, fancy emblems, an assuring leather wrapped steering wheel. But the SRT model really brings the best out of the car with its modernized technology, super-car themed interior and of course, the Hell-cat dashboard welcoming splash screen.


It’s not a lost cause if you don’t want to break your bank though. Our Scat Pack Shaker edition still comes nicely assembled with a very comfortable red suede leather seats, aluminum shift knobs, a massive 8.4″ UConnect infotainment screen with climate control, and upgraded Harmon Kardon audio system.

Great Power comes Great Responsibility

As you would expect, the Dodge Challenger has the inner strength of a rhinoceros. But it’s still relatively well composed thanks to its modernized mechanical technology incorporated into a legacy design.

Available as a standard option in the 392 V8 and SRT models is the SRTĀ®-tuned three-mode adaptive damping suspension system that include street sport, or track mode configuration. With so much weight being thrown around, the adaptive suspensions does a good job in providing relatively decent ride comfort for everyday driving. Punch the throttle and the suspensions react and stabilize with plenty of cushioning to increase stability.


Digital drive control also includes multi-mode electric power steering to sharpen up handling in sport or track mode, optimized launch control and traction control. As an upgrade option, the Super Track Pack comes equipped with Goodyear Eagle F1 performance tires.

Putting her in Practice

As an unconventional car that has spanned many years of excited spirit as an American classic, the experience is thrilling to say the least. The deep engine tone upon engine fire up is an unforgettable signature of the classical V8. The six-speed manual gearbox is well mannered throughout all six gears with a large throw in between each.


Having complete control with the manual transmission, all the power is there on the push of a throttle. Even with that said, it’s still possible to bring its inner beast out of the Challenger without severely breaking out the speed limit. But ultimately, it’s the graceful sound of the V8 engine tone that sparks the excitement every time the engine is fired up.