2015 Honda Accord – Test Drive, Specs, Ratings, Price


The car to get on a promotion

We’ve all started our careers earning peanuts while getting by with no shame in scavenging for spare change underneath our couches. And of course not to mention, driving a low budget car. But what about the time when you first landed a decent paying job out of college, got that promotion, or simply, cashed in on a lottery win? When you’ve got that extra dough lying around, a new car usually comes to mind. The next step up to the Civic is the Honda Accord.  At about $10k more, the Honda Accord promises to offer a spacious interior of a sedan, stylish looks and the grunt and spirited sprint of a good ol’ V6.

On the outside, it’s stylish to some extent, but still not an entity of enticement. The general impression of the Honda Accord is “low key”. But the flat front hood and massive cubic LED headlights does give off a flare of excitement. The same can’t really be said for its side looks; and neither does its rear bumper with minimalist contours. But nevertheless, the Honda Accord still follows contemporary design trends while retaining the classical Honda attributes such as the simple front chrome grille and generic tail lights.

The inside is a bit more pleasing though. Decorated with leather interior (Touring model), the cabin space is spacious, quiet and subtle. The instrument gauge is a more conserved via its gray-scale color tone. Center console is also well laid out. And get this, it has a volume knob, a “seemed to be” luxury missed by its cheaper Civic and Fit models.


There is a comfortable amount of legroom in both the front and rear seats as well. Thanks to its longer wheelbase dimensions, the Honda Accord fits 4 to 5 full size passengers with decent comfort.

V6 Will is not Dead

Auto makers tend to opt for the more conventional and fuel efficient V4 with an added turbo charger to make up for lost power. But no matter what one might say or think, a naturally aspirated V6 is simply unmatched for its added performance and raw driving behavior.


And speaking of driving behavior, it’s good. Acceleration is swift and seamlessly smooth thanks to its 3.5L 24 valve with V-TEC producing a respectable 278 horsepower and 252 ft.lbs of torque. For the more conserved buyers, a smaller 2.4L 16 valve V4 can be had with its output downgraded to only 185 horsepower and 182 ft.lbs of torque.

Fuel economy is not a complete lost cause when it comes to a V6 on the Accord.  Unique to the Honda Accord a few other models is its Variable Cylinder Management (VCM) that allows the engine to operate in either 3 or 6 cylinder mode for improved fuel economy

The Honda Accord has generally been portrayed to be a hope for performance. And to some extent, it holds true. It’s got the stuff to produce a grin off the line, but handling is a bit impeded by its longer wheel base and overall curb weight. But overall, it’s a good balance of recreational handling and better at drive comfort, which may matter more so than others who are looking into buying this car.

Drop the Cash and Go Big

With that being said, there is not much point to drop in the added cash for a nicer vehicle without the added upgrade on its power train. The V6 engine is what makes the Honda Accord unique to its name, and the acceleration accompanied by its engine grunt heard from the driver’s seat is what promises the return of hard work to get that promotion.




  • Vehicle : 2015 Honda Accord
  • Model : Honda Accord V6 Touring
  • Price as Tested : $35,550
  • Vehicle Type : 5 Passenger Sedan
  • Seating Capacity : 2+3
  • Powertrain Configuration : FWD
  • Engine : 3.5 V6
  • Transmission : 6 Speed Automatic
  • Fuel Economy: 10.1/6.9/8.7 100KM City/Highway/Combined


  • Excellent use of interior cabin room
  • Good quality interior within its price range
  • Great fuel economy
  • Exciting power drawn from V6 + VTEC.
  • 3 cylinder engine mode for improved fuel economy


  • Uniform looks.  Mo particular visual spark
  • Sluggish and finicky Honda Link Infotaiment System
  • Drive handling could be improved with better tuned suspensions