2015 Nissan Micra – Test Drive, Specs, Rating, Price


A Functional Car Slapped Together from the Blue Bin

If there ain’t nothing wrong with it, why change it? After all, most people don’t need all that flashy gadgetetry that ultimately drive up cost when it comes to buying a car. With that being said, props to Nissan for introducing the Nissan Micra – essentially a time machine of the nostalgic 90′s where interior cabin space was ugly, all door handles had to be pulled to ensure they were locked, and windows had to be rolled down.


That’s right, it doesn’t have power locks and windows. Nope, and not even AC. The Nissan Micra is completely stripped down to its raw bare bone textbook fundamentals. Even the smartphone-savvy teenagers might have trouble figuring out how to get in this one. And as you would have guessed, the Nissan Micra is dirt cheap. So cheap that it’s priced at less than 4 digits at an MSRP of exactly $9,999.

Powertrain Details

Mechanical propulsion is governed by a miniature 4 cylinder 1.6L engine producing 109 horsepower at 6000 RPM. But don’t let the shallow numbers fool you for an under powered golf cart. Given its ultra-light curb weight of only 2,302 lbs bolted on with 15″ wheels, acceleration is swift off stand still.


Choice of transmission comes in two flavors – a 5 speed manual or a 4 speed automatic. With that being said, learn how to drive manual if you don’t know how. Its feather light weight class and tiny wheels actually makes the Nissan Micra a fun and engaging car to drive. Nothing beats the enjoyment of a rev-happy engine, simple mechanical gearbox coupled with a good shift throw and a forgiving clutch pedal.



Handling on the Nissan Micra is capable but not competent. It’s still able to hold its edge around the apex, but could be better. The lack of steering precision and responsiveness in the suspension is mostly to be blamed. There is also a noticeable amount of body roll with the Nissan Micra’s suspension setup under harsher cornering conditions. But under normal driving conditions, the Micra is well composed while offering a simple vehicle that gets you from A to B.

Stripped Down Interior

Are you serious? Those might be the first three words that come out of your mouth when presented the Nissan Micra’s interior spectacle. The entire cabin space is mono-black layered with cheap grade plastic materials throughout with its seats stitched together from materials found from your local thrift store. Even the factory smell suggests low expectations. But hey, given the fact that it’s a brand new car that can be had for less than $10K, the answer to the aforementioned question is “what do you expect”?.

Either Go Cheap, or Save Up

The Nissan Micra certainly presents a solution to the former statement. While some have higher standards in wanting a more pleasant commuting experience, some people just don’t care, and that’s where the Micra fits in – save the extra cash for a vacation instead.


Keyless entry would’ve been nice, and power windows would be convenient, but the lack of AC made the Nissan Micra was a bit discomforting under hot weather conditions.


Despite all its flaws and lack of tech convenience, the driving experience in the Nissan Micra makes up for it. It’s the super simple gearbox and engine that gives you that raw mechanical feel of a car. And it’s that very experience that unifies the bio-mechanical properties into one. It’s a car you WANT to get in and drive to and from work. And when you like driving the car, there is no longer a reason to care about that dated interior, that missing button on your car key, and that two way window switch on the door panel you were so accustomed to in your last car.



  • Vehicle : 2015 Nissan Micra
  • Model : Nissan Micra 1.6L S 5MT
  • Price as Tested : $10,133
  • Vehicle Type : Hatchback
  • Seating Capacity : 2+3
  • Powertrain Configuration : FWD
  • Engine : 1.6L DOHC 16-V Engine
  • Transmission : 5-speed Manualc / 4-speed Automatic
  • Horsepower : 109 Hp
  • Torque: 107 lb.ft
  • Fuel Economy: 33/243 city/highway


  • Excellent Fuel Economy
  • Affordable Price Tag
  • Swift acceleration and an overall fun car to drive


  • Lacks convenience from missing power locks and windows.
  • Lack of AC
  • Cheap interior grade.