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Lexus IS350 AWD – Test Drive, Ratings, Reviews, Spec

IS350 AWDAn Aspiration for Perfection

While the IS series has floated around market space for nearly three quarters of a century, it is the 3rd and latest generation that Lexus put serious devotion into delivering a sports sedan that held true to its words. It’s got all the qualities that complies with the luxury model. But most importantly, its mechanics have been re-designed from ground level up to promise a harmonized balance of driving comfort and performance.

2017 Honda Ridgeline – Test Drive, Review, Ratings, Spec


An Ironically Civilized Pickup

Despite tipping the weightscale into the 4500lbs weight class while spanning its chassis dimensions into the midsize pickup category, the 2017 Honda Ridgeline somehow retains a charasmatic driving experience that cherishes the Honda’s smooth powertrain. ¬†Though not as well conceived as a rugged pickup in both the import and domsetic market, the Ridgeli still holds its ground strong.