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2017 Honda CR-V – Test Drive, Review, Ratings, Specs

2017_Honda_CR_V_032Mainstream Just Got Upscaled

Four million units sold worldwide is a pretty strong statement about the Honda CR-V. And after two decades since its virgin voyage off the manufacturing line, the all new fifth generation Honda CR-V shows even more promise with lavish styling, quality interior, more room, and the usual bulk of modern tech features.

2017 Honda HR-V – Test Drive, Review Ratings, Specs

SAMSUNG CSCThe Go Around, Get Around Vehicle

When it comes to minimalism, the Honda HR-V does it best. It’s as if the whole idea was slapped together with parts from the Honda recycling bin. And it’s not necessarily a bad thing either. The basic sub-compact cross-over is small and quick enough for city zipping during the work week with plenty of room to spare for the weekend adventures. All that within a very affordable price tag. The whole small scale subcompact cross-over is not a new idea however, and there is certainly a growing demand for it. Take for example, the well priced Mazda CX3, and the Toyota RAV4. Both are of similar traits that aim to fill the demand for those that want basic functionality and cargo convenience.