CES 2014 will showcase the near future of driving

Toyota will bring its latest Fuel Cell Vehicle Concept to CES, demonstrating its green car development.

(Credit: Timothy Hornyak/CNET)

Auto shows make great places to see the cars coming to showrooms in the next year, but CES shows how we will be driving by 2020. Automakers and suppliers are participating in CES 2014 to show off their latest tech concepts, designed to make driving safer and easier than ever.

At CES 2013, both Lexus and Audi made important announcements about their efforts to develop autonomous vehicles. While those efforts have not come to dealers yet, Audi will be demonstrating its test vehicles at CES, showing how the future car will drop off its passengers, then go find a parking spot on its own. At CES 2013, Audi executives displayed the hardware that would make self-driving cars practical, including a sensor array much more compact than that seen on the tops of Google’s autonomous cars. The company is working to integrate its sensor array into cars to enable self-driving capabilities.

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