Ford “not married” to Microsoft for next-gen SYNC, but BlackBerry isn’t necessarily in

BARCELONA, Spain — There’s been no shortage of talk and speculation of late surrounding Ford’s relationship with Microsoft. Microsoft has, since the beginning of SYNC, provided the software underpinnings that make the systems work. With millions of SYNC-equipped vehicles on the road, it’s big business, and with rumors of a switch to QNX making the rounds, that’s potentially bad news for Microsoft.

However, Ford is saying not so fast. Here in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress we spoke with Ford Managing Director Prof. Dr. Pin van der Jagt about the situation. He says that Ford is always questioning and evaluating their suppliers, and that re-evaluating the Microsoft deal is just a part of normal business. “SYNC 1 and 2 was done with Microsoft but we are not married with them. For us, it’s a supplier, so every time we keep evaluating is it the right partner.”

That doesn’t mean that Microsoft is out and that BlackBerry’s QNX is in though: “That is a rumor. What we are in the process of, we are spec’ing out our requirements for the next generation: what we want to do, what features we want to add, what functionality. Then you go through a normal supply selection process. Those requirements for the next generation get sent out to everybody, t… [Read more]


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