Scout adds crowdsourced incident reporting to nav apps

(Credit: Scout)

Telenav’s Scout GPS Navigation & Traffic borrows a bit from Waze and Trapster’s books with the addition of crowdsourced incident reporting in the newest versions of its mobile apps.

On Scout’s map screen, there now appears a new “Report” button that, when tapped, presents four large buttons to report Traffic, Police, Hazards, or Accidents with a single tap. When you report these incidents, you’re sharing potential delays with other nearby Scout users and helping them to avoid congestion. For your trouble, you’ll benefit from the driving experiences of your fellow Scouters and Scout’s millions of users worldwide.

At time of publication, the iOS version of the app (version 1.11.x) has this new feature, but I didn’t see the Report button in the current version of the Android app (1.5.x), but it’s coming.

Additionally, both versions (iOS and Android) have been updated with new “Things to do” event listings. This can be found below the standard destination categories that help users find events, landmarks, nightlife, and things to do from the app.

Once a destination has been chosen, a new checkbox option on the Route Planning confirmation screen for Share ETA allows drivers … [Read more]


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