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2017 Toyota 4Runner – Test Drive, Review, Ratings, Specs

2017 Toyota HighlanderBig SUV’s Still a Thing

Despite the fact that the world has more or less accepted the transition to the more favorable cross-over, the ultra heavy-duty Toyota 4Runner SUV refuses to let go of its existence. Not to say that the old-school SUV is a hopeless comparison to the modern cross-over though. Towing capacity and off-road conquering is where the 4Runner reigns supreme if that’s on your priority list.

2017 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid – Test Drive, Review, Ratings, Specs

2017_Toyota_RAV4_Hybrid_0003An Adventurer’s Vehicle of Choice

Spacious, comfortable and reliable since 1994. The Toyota Rav4 has pretty much been the default choice for the weekend adventurers while offering family practicality with its shear amount of cargo space in a 5 passenger size factor. And as good as it sounds, it didn’t take long for others to hop onto the hot seller’s bandwagon that marked a new generation of cross-over SUV’s. Honda was quick to adapt to the market with its ever-popular CR-V and since then, many others have joined the cross-over SUV competition arena. The Kia Sportage, Mazda CX-5, Hyundai Tuscon, and Ford Escape are those that come to mind when spotting 5-passenger cross-over species on the road today.

2017 Toyota 86 – Test Drive, Review, Ratings, Specs

2017 Toyota 86 The All New Toyota 86 is as Fun as it Looks

Without a doubt, there are cars of the same class with more powerful engines. But there’s just something sweet and special about driving an ultra light-weight and rev-happy engine that continuously begs to be driven hard. At a sub 30k entry level price point, the Toyota 86 beats any other sports cars out on the market in terms of fun and handling money can buy.

2016 Toyota Tacoma

2016 Toyota Tacoma

A Legendary Heritage

An automotive relish spanning decades in existence, the Tacoma is a well sought-after work truck that has proven itself to be reliable, practical and comfortable.  As of 2016, the the all new 3rd generation begs no different; but rather spices things up with modernized styling, updated engine technology and enhanced off-road capabilities.

2015 Toyota Highlander Hybrid


An Ultra Scalable 7 Passenger Cross-over

Clouded judgement often surfaces when presented with too many choices.  But in the case of the 2015 Toyota Highlander, the choices are not only clearly defined, but also offers choices that to best fit the bill of what buyers want.  More specifically, drivetrian can be configured in either FWD, AWD or or Hybrid AWD along with two choices of either 7 or 8 seating arrangements.

2015 Toyota Camry – Test Drive, Spec, Ratings


The Toyota Camry XSE Heightens the Thrill in Driving

For 2015, Toyota brings an entirely new design concept into reality with their mid-sized Camry sedan.  With a complete style overhaul from ground level up, the all-new re-designed Camry delivers a new sense of visual awe.

Tesla tops Toyota as largest auto employer in California

Electric car maker continues to expand operations in the state, marking the return of a US automaker, following the shuttering of plants by GM, Ford, and Chrysler.

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Toyota Avalon improves its looks and luxe (pictures)

The largest Toyota sedan offers amenities and tech rivaling its Lexus-badged cousins, but with a smaller price tag.

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Toyota said to aim for low of $30K for fuel cell vehicle

Toyota and Honda are eying 2015 launches of consumer fuel cell vehicles, a source tells Nikkei, adding that prices could go as low as $ 30,000 by the next decade.


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Getting dirty in the 2014 Toyota 4Runner 4×4 Trail

Meet the 2014 Toyota 4Runner 4×4 Trail Premium: a simple, old dog that’s learned a few new tricks in this latest generation. On paper, it’s rocking a 12-year-old power-train that’s as dumb as a bag of hammers, but atop those hammers is a bit of high-tech intelligence with an Advanced Traction Control system. At a glance, the chunky dashboard looks like a child’s toy, but powering the infotainment is Toyota’s Web-connected, app-based Entune system. No doubt you’ve already seen the middling star rating above, but I actually enjoyed my week spent with Big Red.

I wasn’t sure what to think of the 4Runner upon accepting delivery, but I soon learned that while it’s not necessarily the most CNET style vehicle to pass through our garage, it’s worth a second (or third) look.

Keeping it simple in the engine roomBeneath the bulging hood and the fake hood scoop, you’ll find Toyota’s 4.0-liter V-6 engine. It’s got no direct injection and no forced induction, but Toyota’s variable valve timing technology does help this 12-year-old engine to output 270 horsepower and 278 pound-feet of torque. That’s decent, but not mind-boggling power.

Behind this grill, you'll find no surprises. The 2014 4Runner features basically the same engine and transmission as the previous generation.

(Credit: Antuan Goodwin/CNET)

Power now flows through the only option, a 5-speed automatic transmission, on i… [Read more]


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