This Android traffic app starts fast, but eventually leaves you stranded

The latest update to the Inrix Traffic app for Android is a fairly large one. The app gets a visual refresh that makes use of Android’s Holo design language. An updated and clearer Places screen makes it easier for drivers to estimate travel times and share those times with others.

Inrix is, simply, a traffic app. It will let you know how much traffic you’ll encounter on your way home and to work, but it won’t actually give you directions as to how you’ll get there. Can such an app be useful? Let’s take a closer look at Inrix Traffic for Android and find out.

What does it do? When you fire up the Inrix app, you’ll be taken to the Places screen. Here you’ll find estimated drive times for preset Home and Work destinations that can be set in one of the app’s settings menus. Each of the destinations has two estimates for the arrival time and driving time for two potential routes.

The Places screen is where you'll find travel time estimates for Home and Work.

(Credit: Screenshot by Antuan Goodwin/CNET)

Clicking a Share icon to the left of each drive time allows the users to share the route and travel estimate with any of their contacts via e-mail or text message. Additionally, users can set a favorite e-mail or phone number for messaging for sharing to via the resulting Share menu.

At the bottom of the Places screen are icons that take the user to a Scorecard scre… [Read more]

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