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2015 Chrysler 200s AWD, Test Drive, Specs, Rating, Price


The Chrysler 200 – Wait… that’s a Chrysler?!

Let’s be honest, the consensual impression of the Chrysler brand has generally been mediocre in the past.  But with the emergence of the Italian Fiat merge and the release of the all new 200 mid-size sedan, Chrysler is determined to cleanse the minds of those that dare to curse one of the Big Three pioneers of the automobile.

2016 Mazda CX5 – Test Drive, Spec, Ratings

2016 Mazda CX5 (10)A Crossover Done Right

Over the past few years, the oversea Japan automaker, Mazda has made a strong foot print in offering affordable cars packed with quality, performance and features.  This statement especially rings true when speaking of the Mazda CX5.  Since its initial debut in 2012 (as a 2013 model), the Mazda CX5 has been positively received by both critics and consumers.

2016 Mazda 6 GT – Test Drive


A Lust for Style and Smooth Movement

It doesn’t take long to realize the more popular cross-over SUV’s have become a mainstream vehicle on the road in recent years.  And on the consumer’s perspective, it’d almost be silly to not opt for the trifecta of roominess, performance and styling modern cross-over SUV’s have to offer.  But this has, in no way, stopped Mazda from continuing its spirit and beliefs in its trademark Mazda 6 sedan.