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2016 Mazda 3 – Test Drive, Review, Ratings, Spec

2016 Mazda CX3

More Power, Less Gas

The Mazda 3 series  is all about more power and less gas. At least that’s the first thing Mazda advertises on their website. And having spent a week long with the Mazda 3, it more or less rings true minus a few quirks.  

The 2016 Hyundai Tucson is a Score


Small Scale with No Compromise

Walk along a busy street and look around. It won’t take long to notice the popularity of cross-over SUV’s nowadays. And by no surprise, it’s an ever-demanding market in that particular segment. It’s the modern definition of “do it all” in automotive vocabulary in today’s terms.

2016 Honda HR-V – An Entry Level Crossover with Flashy Looks


A Low Cost Solution to Take on Modern Tasks

Most automakers would claim technology gets better over time. While this statement marks the holy grail of automotive economics, the mouths of Honda executives would rather claim technology to become more versatile – at least for the all new 2016 Honda HR-V. The Honda HR-V is all about fuel savings, versatility, sporty looks at a very respectable price tag.