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2015 Honda Accord – Test Drive, Specs, Ratings, Price


The car to get on a promotion

We’ve all started our careers earning peanuts while getting by with no shame in scavenging for spare change underneath our couches. And of course not to mention, driving a low budget car. But what about the time when you first landed a decent paying job out of college, got that promotion, or simply, cashed in on a lottery win? When you’ve got that extra dough lying around, a new car usually comes to mind. The next step up to the Civic is the Honda Accord.  At about $10k more, the Honda Accord promises to offer a spacious interior of a sedan, stylish looks and the grunt and spirited sprint of a good ol’ V6.

2015 Honda Civic Review – Test Drive, Specs, Ratings, Price


A Small Car with a Rich Heart

We’ve all been blessed with an opportunity to be in one of those Honda Civics – the small car that’s marked a strong footprint in ultra reliability and simplicity in automotive history. But that was in the 90′s. As time progressed, technology became more available, cars grew in complexity and the Honda Civic was no exception to the social norm of modern-aged car culture.

2015 Honda Fit – Test Drive, Specs, Rating, Price


The Honda Fit is a Lean Cut

It’s pretty difficult to hit the fine balance between practicality, fuel efficiency, and affordability. But the sub-compact Honda Fit just might be hit the perfect spot. After all, the Honda Fit didn’t win Car and Driver “10-Best” vehicle for seven years for nothing. This year’s 2015 Honda Fit is completely redesigned from ground up offering cuter looks, upgraded technology and enhanced driving experience.