PanaVise 15509 holds your phone far, far away

The 15509 Portagrip has a long, extendable arm, making it suitable for mounting phones in big vehicles.

(Credit: Josh Miller/CNET)

Editor’s note: Portions of this review were copied from the PanaVise 15508 Portagrip review.

Constructed of metal and tough plastics, the PanaVise line of Portagrip smartphone mounts are as durable as they come. But the 15509 Portagrip also shows they can accommodate some extreme applications. This particular phone mount, intended to suction cup to a windshield, incorporates a very long, extendable arm, making it suitable for cars with very wide dashboards, recreational vehicles, or construction equipment.

Most of the components of the 15509 Portagrip are the same as those found on the 15508 model, except the 15509 adds an adjustable shaft, giving the unit an extension from approximately 12 to 18 inches. The metal two-part extension arm uses a plastic collar at its midpoint, with a lever for locking down the amount of extension you need. That collar makes for a very secure hold, so the mount’s adjustment is not likely to change under even very harsh conditions.

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