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BMW adds two doors to its new coupe

BMW fits two rear doors to its all-new 4-series, making it into a Gran Coupe.

(Credit: BMW)

With its latest product strategy, BMW seems poised to please, yesterday announcing the 4-series Gran Coupe. It’s just like like the all new 4-series coupe, but it gets two rear doors.

The 4-series is a recent addition to the BMW line-up, a model designed to take over the spot formerly used by the 3-series coupe. However, the new 4-series, longer and wider than the 3-series, is its own model. For the newest model year, the 3-series can only be had as a sedan, wagon, or the oddly-shaped Gran Turismo.

BMW retained the length and width of the 4-series model, despite adding the two more doors.

(Credit: BMW)

The 4-series was launched with the coupe and a convertible.

The just announced 4-series Gran Coupe has the same width, 6 feet, and length, 15.2 feet, as the standard coupe version, but BMW notes that the roof is about half an inch higher, and holds its height longer towards the rear of the car. That should enhance accessibility to and comfort in the rear seats, which BMW describes as a 2+1 configuration.

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