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Is there a self-driving car in your future?

Lexus showed off its research vehicle, designed to test advanced safety systems, at CES 2013.

(Credit: Josh Miller/CNET)

LAS VEGAS–As hints leaked that both Lexus and Audi would be showing autonomous cars at CES 2013, no less a publication than the Wall Street Journal hyped the story. However, those expecting to see cars driving themselves around the Las Vegas Convention Center were disappointed. This trend had no gas.

Lexus burst the bubble with a surprisingly short press conference. The company brought two of its LS sedans on stage, one of them fitted with sensors and processors to research advanced safety features. Lexus vice president Mark Templin described the company’s research as focused on safety, which could be taken as a reaction to Toyota’s troubles from a few years ago over unintended acceleration issues.

Templin described the active safety features, which rely on radar, camera, and infrared sensors on the production LS, but could not go into detail as to what was built into the research vehicle, or even its capabilities. He said how Toyota was carrying out this active… [Read more]

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