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Bentley’s luxury Flying Spur can’t shed performance character

Bentley puts a new sedan on the road with the Flying Spur.

(Credit: Josh Miller/CNET)

Driving down the freeway, the low rumble of a passing motorcycle took me by surprise, the noise only obtrusive because the 2014 Bentley Flying Spur I was in did such a good job of shielding my ears from all the other traffic around. In fact, that motorcycle was probably obnoxiously loud, the kind that roars down the street late on a Sunday night setting off car alarms.

From the driver’s seat of the Flying Spur, however, it merely registered as a bass growl, temporarily eclipsing the music pouring from the stereo.

If you ever wonder why anyone would pay $ 200,000 for a luxury sedan in this class, Bentley answers, at least partially, with the Flying Spur’s serene island of comfort and quiet amid the bustle of the world outside. Despite their crystal-clear transparency, the double-paned windows do their part deflecting outside noise. Coating the inside of the steel body, noise-deadening materials muffle the roar of the Flying Spur’s own engine.

Bentley does a wonderful job hiding its sound-insulating magic, craftsmanship I could happily contemplate while surrounded by thick, ivory-colored leather and high-gloss wood paneling. I particularly liked the interior design of the Flying Spur, which seemed well-suited to a modern, electronics-equipped car. Vertical stanchions rise from either side of the co… [Read more]


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