Making it Rain with the Lexus RX450h Hybrid SUV
You’ll find the Lexus RX450h somewhere on the top right corner of the Lexus website...
2017 Honda Ridgeline - Test Drive, Review, Ratings, Spec
Despite tipping the weightscale into the 4500lbs weight class while spanning its chassis
2016 Mazda Mx5 - Test Drive, Review, Ratings, Specs
The Mazda Miata has earned its prestigious trademark
2016 Infiniti QX60 3.5L AWD
Infiniti was quick to adopt the cross-over trend in its early state of infancy
The Honda Civic Coupe is a Sex Appeal
The Honda Civic Coupe doesn't have all the balls in the bag to place itself into the performance category.
A Luxury Saloon with the Perfect Ingredients
Acura has always been a brand statement of natural performance.
The 2016 Honda CR-Z is a Blast from the Past!
Athletes become older, slower and uglier with age. On the contrary, sports cars only become younger, faster and cuter over time...
The 2016 Honda Fit is A Tasteful Cheap Cut
Ever been to Japan? If not, then I will tell you that it’s a remarkable place where the fabrication of great ideas are brought out to suit the needs of society.

How to Handle Diesel Exhaust Fluid During the Winter

Green gas nozzle wasting fuel on white backgroundWhen winter approaches, understandably, you may be worried about the repercussions of your Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) freezing. However, we are here to say: don’t.

2017 Toyota Rav4 Hybrid – Test Drive, Review, Ratings, Specs

2017_Toyota_RAV4_Hybrid_0003An Adventurer’s Vehicle of Choice

Spacious, comfortable and reliable since 1994. The Toyota Rav4 has pretty much been the default choice for the weekend adventurers while offering family practicality with its shear amount of cargo space in a 5 passenger size factor. And as good as it sounds, it didn’t take long for others to hop onto the hot seller’s bandwagon that marked a new generation of cross-over SUV’s. Honda was quick to adapt to the market with its ever-popular CR-V and since then, many others have joined the cross-over SUV competition arena. The Kia Sportage, Mazda CX-5, Hyundai Tuscon, and Ford Escape are those that come to mind when spotting 5-passenger cross-over species on the road today.

2017 Lexus NX300h – Test Drive, Review, Ratings, Specs

SAMSUNG CSCLive Lavishly with the Lexus NX300h

Sporty, stylish and economical are all core factors that make the “do it all” cross-over SUV so attractive in today’s market. But why stop there? Lexus aims to elevate the expectations of a cross-over SUV to new heights with the 5-passenger NX series. Its sharp polygonal looks, smooth handling and quality finishing paves a new road for what a cross-over SUV can really become. The 2017 Lexus NX is offered in two powertrain variation, namely the NX 200t, which is a 4 cylinder turbo, or the all new NX300h hybrid variation.

2017 Lexus RX450h – Test Drive, Review, Ratings, Specs

2017 Lexus rx450hMaking it Rain with the Lexus RX450h Hybrid SUV

You’ll find the Lexus RX450h somewhere on the top right corner of the Lexus website where its hefty price finds its rightful location on your computer screen. And only those financially daring enough would click that image of that ultra modern and beautifully sculpted large-size SUV.

2017 Toyota 86 – Test Drive, Review, Ratings, Specs

2017 Toyota 86 The All New Toyota 86 is as Fun as it Looks

Without a doubt, there are cars of the same class with more powerful engines. But there’s just something sweet and special about driving an ultra light-weight and rev-happy engine that continuously begs to be driven hard. At a sub 30k entry level price point, the Toyota 86 beats any other sports cars out on the market in terms of fun and handling money can buy.

Lexus IS350 AWD – Test Drive, Ratings, Reviews, Spec

IS350 AWDAn Aspiration for Perfection

While the IS series has floated around market space for nearly three quarters of a century, it is the 3rd and latest generation that Lexus put serious devotion into delivering a sports sedan that held true to its words. It’s got all the qualities that complies with the luxury model. But most importantly, its mechanics have been re-designed from ground level up to promise a harmonized balance of driving comfort and performance.

2017 Honda Ridgeline – Test Drive, Review, Ratings, Spec


An Ironically Civilized Pickup

Despite tipping the weightscale into the 4500lbs weight class while spanning its chassis dimensions into the midsize pickup category, the 2017 Honda Ridgeline somehow retains a charasmatic driving experience that cherishes the Honda’s smooth powertrain.  Though not as well conceived as a rugged pickup in both the import and domsetic market, the Ridgeli still holds its ground strong.

2017 Hyundai Santa Fe XL – Test Drive, Review, Ratings, Specs

2016 Hyundai Santa Fe

Fresh Looks with An Attitude

Welcome to an era where cars are expected to “do it all”. From fuel efficiency, to performance, and styling to convenience; it was really the cross-over SUV platform that transformed such ideal concept into pure reality. With that said, Hyundai certainly caught on early in development with its Santa Fe. And with the help of former Audi Designer, Peter Schyler sitting on the throne of the Korean automaker powerhouse, there’s certainly good things to be expected.

2016 Dodge Ram 1500 Laramie Longhorn – Test Drive, Review, Ratings, Specs

Ram 1500The Truck that Means Business

Behold. It’s the massive aggressive mud-eating full-size pickup truck that intimidates you every time the TV infomercial comes on. The muscular grunt of the front fascia stands 5 ft tall certainly gave me mixed emotions of both excitement and fear.  Was I going to be the road king behind the wheel, or was I going be the one to be the rag doll? It’s kind of like that feeling when you’re about to strap onto a mechanical bull ride for the first time.

2016 Honda Odyssey – Test Drive, Review, Ratings, Spec


The 2016 Honda Odyssey Proves Old Ways are Sometimes Better

No matter how many times you try to beat the idea into your head, the haggard, bland and even semi-miserable term of the mini-van just won’t die. Yes; even the modern trend of the more stylish and sporty 7-seater cross-over SUV’s just can’t mimic the purity of functionality a mini-van has to offer. With that said, the already proven Honda Odyssey from decades worth of existence, continues to push the envelope of styling and performance based off of an old-school blueprint. Honda is also proud to mention that its Odyssey engineers are owners of their creation themselves; so surely, there’s something more to expect than just a big capacity people mover.